Chapter Contests

Design-A-Card Contest Details

The Design-A-Card Contest is an opportunity for students to create an original Hispanic design for the front of a blank notecard.  The winning entries will be printed and sold as a fundraiser to support the chapter’s Judy Abrams/Margaret Fernández NSE Scholarship Fund.  The contest is open to any student of a member teacher.

1. All entries shall be submitted on a 5”x 4” piece of neatly cut white copy or art paper, index card, or cardstock.
2. All designs must have a Hispanic theme such as artesanía, cultural scenes, images, landmarks, maps, etc.
3. Designs may be black and white or in color.  Designs must be reproducible on a color copier.
4. Designs must be ORIGINAL and hand-drawn; a ruler may be used if applicable. *No computer graphics, Google or computer-generated designs or copyrighted or imitated images.  Any imitation of copyrighted images will be disqualified.
5. Any artistic media that is matte or flat (not glossy) may be used in the design.  For example: pen & ink, marker, colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic, tempera, oil, etc.  No designs accepted in regular pencil. Pale designs are not recommended nor crayon as they do not copy well.
6. Design may NOT include words in any language.
7. Erasure marks or the use of white out are not permitted.
8. Utilize the complete space, background may be white or colored & may include a border.
9. Students should complete the first section of the entry form & submit it along with their design to their teacher. Parent or guardian must sign the release on the entry form.
10. The artist’s name is NOT to appear on the design.  It should be printed in pencil on the back of the design so that it does not show through the design.
11. On the back draw an arrow in pencil to indicate the top of the card.
12. TEACHERS must complete one teacher registration form and type the names of their students to avoid misspelling on certificates. Copied class lists can be used.  Please insert the entry into the folded form. DO NOT paperclip or tape the design to the form. 
13.  All entries become the property of AATSP – LI and will not be returned.
14. There will be three levels for entries:

•Senior High School (grades 9-12)
•Middle School (grades 5-8)
•Elementary School (grades K-5)

Eligibility:  Any student whose teacher is a current member of AATSP for the calendar year of the contest is eligible. (Only one design per student) A parent or guardian must sign the release located on the second page of the entry form.  Any entries that do not comply with the stated directions will be subject to disqualification.  Students should submit design and form to their teacher.

Mail one Teacher Registration Form,  a Student Registration Form per entry with signed releases, and Contest Entries to:

Mynelle Howells
35 Stonecutter Road
Levittown, NY 11756

Entries must be postmarked by February 3, 2018.  Direct any questions to

Design-A-Card Notecards

To purchase notecards to benefit the Scholarships Fund, please contact Mynelle Howells via email at

Victor Baptiste Spanish Essay Contest

2018 TEMA: “Si pudieras cambiar lugares por un día con un hispanohablante famoso, vivo o muerto, ¿a quién escogerías y por qué?”

  1. Competition is open to all high school students who have studied Spanish for at least two years.  Students must be in their third year, Level III, or higher.  The teacher/sponsor MUST be a member of the AATSP National and Local Chapters.
  2. There will be two categories:
    A.  REGULAR:  Students whose only contact with Spanish is in the classroom.
    B.  BILINGUAL/NATIVE SPEAKERS: Student reared in a Spanish speaking or bilingual
    environment where Spanish is the PRINCIPAL spoken and/or heard language.
    PLEASE NOTE:  Teachers must submit a signed statement verifying each student’s category.
  3. There will be 4 levels for entries:
    Level III- at least 2 years of Spanish; in third year of study
    Level IV
    V and AP/IB College Spanish
    Bilingual/Native Speaker
  4. Guidelines for length are:
    Level III: 100 word minimum to 150 word maximum
    Level IV: 150 word minimum to 200 word maximum
    Levels V, AP/IB, and Bilingual/Native: 200 word minimum to 250 word maximum
  5. The essay MUST be typed, double spaced with one and one half (1½) inch margins.
  6. The following information must appear on the entry form and must be attached to the essay with a paper clip:
    Name of Student Name of School
    Full Home Address Full School Address
    Student Phone Number Name of Sponsoring Teacher
    Grade Level School Phone of Sponsoring Teacher
    Course Level  
  7. The name of the student should not appear anywhere on or in the essay.
  8. Essays will be judged on originality, creativity, content, and mechanics.
  9. Four copies of each essay, with one entry form attached with a paper clip, must be postmarked no later than Friday, January 12, 2018. 
  10. All essays should be judged by the individual schools first. Only the best 5 from each school can be sent to:
    AATSP LI Essay Contest Committee
    Carlos Avalos
    Lawrence High School
    2 Reilly Road
    Cedarhurst, New York  11516